About Us

We're SynchroWork

We thrive as a team to help our customers ease their hassle on client project management with an
easy-to-use platform. 

We are a 100% remote team since day one and are located around the country in India.

SynchroWork is a product by Team Vivid Mynd Technologies.


A little background story

In the year 2015, Vivid Mynd Technologies entered the agency business. With our network of freelancers, we’ve been working with clients all over the world since then. Along with that we’ve had a number of issues with project management, synchronization, resource and client management, timely payments, and so on.

As a result of these events, our creative brains came up with the idea of creating SynchroWork, which we employed as an internal tool to manage operations and which has undoubtedly assisted us in reducing management and synchronization efforts.

Having an agency background, we understand that you may be experiencing some of these challenges as well, therefore we urge you to give SynchroWork a try. We hope you appreciate the product as much as we do.

Meet the team...

Sushant Kumar

Founder & Chief of Everything

Lavesh Gaurav

VP Engineering

Ready to give it a try?

SynchroWork is helping agencies like yours save huge time on project management, efficiently every month.

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